Month: July 2022

Health Benefits of Chai

Tea, also known as chai in the subcontinent, is a popular beverage worldwide, especially in India and Pakistan, consumed as breakfast and with evening snacks. It contains several health benefits such as aiding in digestion, regulating blood sugar levels, and improving heart health. Many people may consider it as masala chai. It is made by …

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Best Turmeric Substitutes

Best Turmeric Substitutes

Tired of pondering what to use rather than turmeric? Too lazy to leave and buy that one spice you’re missing? Well, worry not because there are several spices you’ll use rather than turmeric. Turmeric is the most typical ingredient employed in most recipes around the world. You’ll be able to never run out of this …

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Chika-an sa Cebu

We were in Gaisano Mandaue (now, the Pacific Mall) to do our groceries. We were so engrossed with what we were doing that it made us forget the time. It was way past lunch! We were famished but weren’t really in the mood for some fast food AGAIN. But we were in luck, so it …

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