Beluga caviar

Beluga Caviar is one of the world well-known delicacies that are priced high and renowned by many.  Beluga is a kind of fish that is found in European country, this is also known as a European sturgeon. It feeds on small fish that is why it is considered a predator. The term beluga caviar is also known as the female Beluga’s valuable roe. This endangered species is mostly found at the Black Sea basin, around the Caspian Sea and there are times at the Adriatic Sea. Because Beluga is considered endangered species, this makes the beluga caviar more expensive and hard to find in the market.

The eggs of the beluga sturgeon, also called as Huso huso is considered as one of the finest in the world. This delicacy is very expensive; in fact an ounce of beluga caviar is priced up to $100 or more, depending on the supply available. Its price can actually draw more attention, either in awe or in disgust, than to its taste.  The reason why these species are hard to find is because of the large demand on the eggs while caviar can live up to 118 years.  Imagine a fish living for this long will be killed to acquire the most precious egg, and how long would it take again for the nature to grow another fish that is able to provide quality fine eggs.

According to research, it will take 15 years for caviar to be mature enough and produce eggs. The predator fish can weigh up to 2,500 pounds while its length can reach up to 15 feet long.  It is also stated that the female caviar only spawn once in three or four years.  Sadly, in order for us to enjoy their precious eggs, the fish needs to be killed.  Because of this situation, over fishing of caviar was recorded and government needs to set a tight regulation to protect the species.

Because of the scarcity of this delicacy alongside its unreasonable price, only royalties can afford to acquire this let us include also those who are living in unimaginable luxurious life. I personally would like to experience tasting this but I’d rather not spend that amount of money for luxury of tasting it alone.

Beluga caviar is a rich source of vitamin A and because of the fact that it has small amount of carbohydrates and trans fats makes it extremely healthy. Because of this it’s set apart from other modern time diet. It is good to note that beluga caviar should be taken with caution by persons on low sodium diet because it has extreme amount of sodium.

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