Buy And Rent Cold Storage: Dallas, Texas [Refrigerated Cold Storage Containers]

Buy And Rent Cold Storage: Dallas, Texas [Refrigerated Cold Storage Containers]

Are you looking for a refrigerator or freezer container for US cold storage in Dallas, Texas? Trying to find the best walk-in refrigerated container to store your frozen or refrigerated goods? You’re in luck because this will show you how to get the best refrigerator or freezer cold storage containers in and around Dallas. Do you need to store your perishable goods? Do you think of storing foods for attendees of a large event? We know that you need a temporary storage solution to keep your foods and beverages fresh. The best option for you is to rent or buy cold storage in Dallas, TX. We are the most reliable providers of refrigerated containers available at the most reasonable rate, whether you’re looking to rent or buy.

Refrigerated containers are specially designed temperature-controlled systems to store temperature-sensitive and perishable items, including dairy, meats, plants, and fruits. While transporting those items, you can keep them inside the refrigerated systems.

Most of our clients choose these refrigerated containers for cold storage in Dallas, because these containers allow you to store and transport temperature-sensitive products. These innovative containers also ensure that your products are stored at a favorable temperature. As the temperature condition is stable, your products will stay fresh.

These refrigerated containers have temperature sensors, and they have automatic temperature control systems. These embedded sensors play a role in activating the cooling unit while the surrounding temperature has a rise. You can set the temperature to any level ranging from

-25°C to +30°C. Based on the set temperature, the system will continue its work. You can use them for business needs to store beverage bottles and foods for a long and short period. During the hot summer season, you can store these edible items and keep them fresh.

Should You Purchase Or Rent A Refrigerated Container For Cold Storage in Dallas, TX?

We have found that many companies look for cold storage solutions that may be onsite, off-site, and mobile. However, it is challenging for those companies to find the right storage space when their products need a controlled condition.

 From medical suppliers to caterers, all businesses need refrigerated storage solutions to prevent damages to their products. Some of them construct a superior room with temperature control systems. However, investing in high-tech facilities is a costly option. Startups and small businesses may not always afford it.

Thus, you can choose our refrigerator containers when you are looking for an affordable alternative for long-term and short-term cold storage needs. That’s why we’ll help you rent or buy your refrigerator container in Dallas for cold storage and find the ultimate solution to your problems.

In the past few years, modern refrigerated containers have gained increasing popularity as the best storage method. You can transport, modify, and relocate our rental containers based on your needs. You will get countless benefits from using these refrigerated containers. We think that our reefers are the best options when you make temporary and occasional uses of those systems.

As you rent cold storage in Dallas, you can save your money, especially when you do not need a container for everyday use. Why should you buy refrigerated containers for your business? A quality container with refrigerated systems may cost more than $10,000 based on the technology and size. Small catering companies and other SMBs can make the smartest decision by having our rental refrigerated rental container.

The duration of storage is the most critical factor. When you need to store your goods in a temperature-controlled system for six months or less, you can rely on our refrigerated rental container.You have a seasonal business, and during the peak season, you feel the need for some additional cold storage solutions.You do not have special equipment to ensure the safety of your temperature-sensitive goods.You do not like to invest in a permanent cold storage facility for your commercial needs.

We know that you may have more reasons to use the refrigerated container on a rental basis. Our containers retain a high value, and you can store a large number of goods in them. There is no need to convert a room into a temperature-controlled facility. As you rent or buy a refrigerator container for cold storage in Dallas; it can solve your transport and storage needs.

Our refrigerated containers enable you to set the temperature to any level. Thus, you will find it easy to let your goods stay fresh. Keep up the best condition of your products by choosing the right temperature level. Moreover, we have professionals to help you in making the best use of our containers. From the financial and functional perspectives, our refrigerated rental containers are the perfect options. Our team will assist you in picking the right container for your purpose. We let you choose the refrigerated container that fits your business needs.

Industries That Need Refrigerated Containers


Small restaurants have not invested in constructing a temperature-controlled room. That is why they look for temperature and low-cost storage solutions. They can move our refrigerated containers to any site.


It is essential to store vaccines and medicines for patients in a proper storage system. Our refrigerated containers with a strict climate-controlling mechanism are the most effective solutions. Thus, clinics and healthcare centers approach us to rent or purchase cold storage in Dallas.

Retail sector:

Lots of retail units sell products, which need a climate-controlled storage system. For instance, retailers selling wine, plants, and flowers need a reefer to prevent their items’ spoilage. The wine retains its flavor in the chilled condition, while flowers stay fresh at a consistent temperature. That is why you can consider renting our refrigerated containers. To keep up your business operations and selling activities, you can invest in our special containers.

Community managers:

Some local communities host concerts, events, fairs, and carnivals at outdoor sites. Vendors need to keep their foods and beverages frozen and relaxed throughout the day. Our refrigerated systems are best to store chilled refreshments, wine, beer, ice cream, and several other items.

More Applications Refrigerated Container Applications

Although you may have a cooling house, an emergency can arise due to technical problems. That is why these refrigerated containers can be the ultimate solution to the issue. Moreover, when you have overproduction and need additional storage, these refrigerated systems are your remedies.

There are several other applications of refrigerated containers, and we have listed them for your benefit.

Cold storage systems with high portability- During any event and festivals, organizers may need to provide food and drinks to thousands of visitors. That is why they rent cold storage around Dallas, TX to store these items. A spacious and portable cold storage system makes everything easier.Storage solutions during disaster relief- Refrigerated storage containers are the best solutions for transporting foods, medicines, and other essentials to the affected sites. Thus, these containers enable you to carry life-saving goods to any remote place.Storage solutions for lab and factory owners- Some labs and factories deal with sensitive raw materials and foods. They need a fair amount of storage space to manage those items. Without the right temperature, those raw materials may get damaged. That is why these labs and factories look for low-cost solutions, like refrigerated rental containers. Static Cold Storage Versus Portable Refrigerated Containers: Which Is Better?

Do you need long-term or temporary cold storage solutions for your business? While searching for the storage systems, you will find two available options- Static and portable units. But, which is the right one for your purpose? You always need to identify your needs before making any decision.

With our portable refrigerated containers, you will get the chance to move them to any place. 

It is perfect for your business needs if…

You like to move your business premise to a different site, and that’s why you want to store your goods temporarily in a refrigerated system.You have too much in your inventory- You may like to make your inventory larger by investing in more products. However, when you have no space in your warehouse, you can rely on our refrigerated containers.

On the other hand, static refrigeration units are not movable to any other place. They remain installed in one site. Moreover, they are comparatively costlier options for small and mid-sized businesses. When you are looking for more convenient and efficient solutions, you can choose our portable models.

Now, you can make your decision on portable and static refrigerated units. We are one of the leading providers of portable refrigerated containers on a rental basis. When you like to choose them to store your products, we will help you find the right one. We have both long-term and short-term packages for our refrigerated rental systems. You may decide on the overall duration of renting our refrigerated containers. After the determined period, you can return them to our team. Based on your container size and length of time for renting, we will give you a quote.

Rent and buy our refrigerated containers in Dallas, TX

Our refrigerated systems have revolutionized the way of storing foods, perishable items, and other materials. We know that you need to transport frozen and chilled items from one site to another.

 While running a food business, you will need storage space at any time. Although your business premise has cold storage units, they may not always be enough for your needs. Thus, our portable refrigerated containers are the most innovative solutions designed with high-tech cooler technology. We have modern storage systems with incomparable performance.

Our large reefers are mobile refrigerators with an insulated design. Maybe, you can find several other options for cold storage needs. But why do our refrigerated containers are the ultimate solution?

Easy to transport

Are you going to host an event in a different city? When you need to carry drinks and food for others, our refrigerated containers. With minimal effort, you may transport these containers to your venue.

What’s more, it is easy to rent and use more than one refrigerated container for your needs.

Carry different goods in one container

Do you think of storing different goods that need varying levels of temperature? Use a partition in your container, and it can store both chilled and frozen goods. It is truly a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Refrigerated containers- The best affordable alternatives-

Why should you build a permanent cold storage facility for your business? You do not have regular cold storage needs. Moreover, you don’t need to waste time to build a cold storage structure. You will have easy access to our refrigerated rental containers.

Our refrigerated systems are perfect for seasonal needs

Our refrigerated containers can be the ultimate solution when you need to store your seasonal crops. Moreover, the catering industry, hotels, and restaurants also look for a reliable storage solution.  

Easy to set up

There is no need to have technical skills to assemble the container. You can easily set it up at your chosen site. You only need flat ground to install the refrigerated container in Dallas. 

Highly durable design

We have the best-refrigerated containers constructed with quality materials. These durable structures are capable of withstanding rough and harsh weather elements. You can install our weather-resistant and tamper-proof reefers on the outdoor site.

Save your money

We know that vegetables and fruits stored at average room temperature may spoil within a short time. Do not let them get rotten due to the lack of proper storage space. Our refrigerated containers are available on a rental basis, and these specialized systems help maintain moisture and temperature levels. You can store a bulk amount of veggies and fresh fruits bought for commercial needs. Our systems help you in minimizing waste and save your investment.

We have refrigerated containers of different sizes

Our standard-sized containers are available for a range of purposes. Moreover, we also provide high-cube reefers, which are about 1-foot taller than average-sized containers. Besides, due to the additional heating and cooling unit, the container’s internal size may be different from that of the traditional container.

We have some integrated units installed on the interior side, and they cover space of about 1 to 2 feet. Thus, you may lose that space internally due to the insulation layer inside our containers’ walls.

Most of our clients use 20-feet equivalent units to carry temperature-sensitive items, like vegetables, fruits, drugs, and meat. Every item has a different temperature and needs to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. Our refrigerated systems can be sectioned to freeze and cool your goods at a time. Our 20 ft. containers have an internal length of 17.9ft, while the internal width and the internal height is 7.5ft. Moreover, the tare weight is about 6,791.4 lbs, whereas the payload capacity is 61,078.5 lbs. The cubic capacity of a 20-feet container is 2,093.3 cu ft.

When you have chosen a 40-feet container, you will find its internal length of about 37.9ft. The internal width and height can be 7.5 feet to 7.4 feet. The cubic capacity of this container can be 2,093 cubic feet.

Some clients look for bigger refrigerated containers for their business, and for them, we have 45-feet units to serve their needs.

We know that you may find it complicated to check out these technical details. However, our customer representatives will give you the best help to find the right container size. You have to inform us what you need to do inside the refrigerated container. Then, we will find the right one based on availability.

Is it costly to rent cold storage in Dallas?

We have refrigerated containers of different types and sizes. Moreover, we know that as all businesses have varying needs, we give them the option for customizing our units. However, we ensure that it does not cost much to rent a refrigerated container Dallas. The cost of a 20-feet refrigerated container is always lower than that of the 40-feet models. Thus, speak to our team and know what container fits best for your business.  We will calculate the cost and give you an estimate.

There are two major types of refrigerated containers

Porthole refrigerated containers- Two holes present on the rear wall of these containers help with ventilation. That is why we call them porthole containers. These holes are responsible for pumping cold air into the container. Thus, warm air goes out and maintains the proper temperature of the interior side. However, our reefer plant needs a connection to this container. This container model has become outdated, and you may not find much use for it.

Integrated containers- When you need a better solution, our integrated containers can be a perfect choice. As there is an integrated cooling system, you can switch between modes of transport.

How do our refrigerated containers work?

Although we refer to them as refrigerated containers, they are useful for keeping up high and low-temperature conditions. Our high-quality modern refrigerated storage containers integrate a temperature regulation unit. The pre-installed temperature controlling system keeps your goods warm or cool based on your needs. Our integrated unit needs an external power source to maintain the proper mechanism.

While the internal source of power is active, it ventilates the warm air from the refrigerated container. When you think of controlling a higher temperature, it will push hot air into our container. However, there must be a consistent flow of air in the container all the time. A container with inconsistent airflow relies on a water-cooling unit. Thus, it is the way a refrigerated container works.

clip-on unit related to the refrigerated container

A reefer may not access the reefer point, and in that case, you can choose the external diesel-backed generator. It is essential to fit the generator to the outer side of your reefer container. The air flowing through ductwork enters the container. Furthermore, our refrigerated containers have an insulation layer attached to the interior side to prevent temperature fluctuations.

T-Floors of refrigerated containers-

Our innovative refrigerated containers rely on the aluminum T-flooring different from conventional style containers with plywood floors. This T-flooring presents you with a slightly elevated floor. Thus, you can place your contents on a level a bit above the ground. Warm and cold air can flow smoothly beneath it.

However, as T-floors have unique structures, they are not the right choice for containers, office and residential space. However, with some modifications, you can make them useful. With T-floors, there are gaps between metal slats. There is a need for another flooring to cover it.

Insulated walls of our high-quality refrigerated containers-

Our refrigerated storage containers are different from conventional storage containers that come with corrugated steel walls. Refrigerated storage systems are additional insulation layers to keep your items cool. Our refrigerated systems’ interior walls have an aluminum sheet, a stainless steel sheet, and foam insulation.

Temperature conditions of our reefer container

Maintaining a proper temperature level is highly essential to ensure that your products are in good condition. We have chosen refrigerated containers that have reliable temperature control systems. Our containers work perfectly to cool, warm, and freeze your items for a very long period. Thus, you can invest in them for multiple purposes. You may use them to store and transport fresh goods and chemicals.

Our specially designed refrigerated containers can maintain a temperature level ranging from -85F to more than 100F. This temperature range is best to help you transport your perishable items and goods regardless of the outside temperature.

Now, are you ready to rentcold storage in Dallas? Consult our team, and we will inform you of the details of our systems. You may easily make our decision on the container that fits your business.

How do our refrigerated containers different from other standard containers?

We always try our best to provide you with premium quality refrigerated containers. While standard refrigerated containers are about 10,000 lbs, our units are about 2,000 lbs. Thus, you will get a lightweight solution for your company.

In some cases, you may need cranes to install standard refrigerated containers, making everything time-consuming. To install our containers, you do not need a heavy-duty machine. We offer more cost-effective and highly portable refrigerated containers. With minimal effort, you can move the container and install it in the desired place. We ensure storage convenience and optimal efficiency with our refrigerated containers. Moreover, these containers have programmable refrigerator monitoring systems to maintain proper temperature all the time.

Your business will obtain benefits from using or low-cost and temporary refrigerated rental containers. You may call us and reserve your containers. We will assist you in identifying the right storage unit for your needs. Within a short time of your request, we will send the container to your venue. You can start loading the container with your foods and perishable items and keep them fresh.

We deliver our containers in a pre-cooled and ready-to-use condition. Thus, you can instantly cool your items without any delay. We have gained a reputation in the field of providing refrigerated rental units. Moreover, as we have learned about the latest refrigeration technology, we find it easy to choose our clients’ best unit. What’s more, we will also train you on how to operate our containers.

Special features of our reefer containers

Our reefer containers come with the best features that add functionalities to the systems. Our containers have a one-hand easy door opening system with internal door release. The outer side of the container doors and frames has locking rods. This setup helps in sealing the door tightly, and your items remain safe. When the locking rod is in bent condition, it indicates that the door is not sealed correctly. We check out the door sealing system to ensure no escape from the cold air.

Moreover, our container doors have a rubber gasket adjacent to them. Due to the gasket, you can shut your steel doors tightly. There is no chance of weather elements getting into the system.

The door handles are also present at a sensible height for your convenience. You will find an air curtain preventing the access of heat. Besides, there is an internal lighting system to prevent any visibility issue. You can easily see what is inside the container.

When you rent our refrigerated containers, we provide you with some safe handling instructions related to high cubes and other things. Our 40-feet containers are High Cubes with yellow decals. The outside height of these High Cube containers is about 9’6″.

There are some more reasons for choosing our reefer containers-

quality – We make sure that our reefer containers are international standard models. Our team takes the best measures to control the quality of our containers.

Compliant with the latest standards– Our professionals know about the industry standards and choose containers compliant with those standards.

Competitive pricing– Our team has set the most reasonable price rate for renting the refrigerated containers. Businesses of all sizes can easily invest in these containers. Still, to know more about the price details, you may consult our team.

Our technicians are always ready to solve your problem. We ensure minimal downtime when there is any technical issue. When you have questions about our refrigerated containers, you can speak to our professionals.

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