Eating like royalty

Dreaming about being waited on twenty four hours a day is nothing unique. We’ve all wished we were born with that silver spoon in our mouths. The best most of us can hope for is a little indulgence now and then. Here are some suggestions to help you experience the true decadence.
The food that is most synonymous with decadence is Caviar. At one time a food for the rich only, there are now more varieties and types of fish roe than you can count. It’s still expensive and should only be reserved for the most special of occasions, but the rise of high quality fish farming has made this indulgence more available and affordable.
Artisanal breads are an amazing experience that you will not soon forget. Often over looked, truly well-made bread is something to be savored and revered. Hours of rising and proofing couple with just the right amount a kneading make for a loaf with the perfect texture and a beautiful crumb. The crumb refers to the texture of the inside of the bread. To airy and it won’t hold it’s shape. Too dense and it’s a pain to eat. When it’s just right, it’s amazing.
A fine beer is something else that’s worth loving. Many of us are only exposed to the American macro breweries that produce a light American lager that many people affectionately call “piss water”. There is a whole world of beer that you have likely never been exposed to. Belgian quadruples and micro-brewed beauties now saturate the market. You just have to be willing to adventure into new territory and try something new.
If you want a small indulgence that is not too costly but will still blow your socks off then I have a suggestion. Buy a tin of North American caviar, a loaf of artisanal sourdough and a bottle of Chimay white. You will thank me once all three of these flavors combine.
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