Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (P.H.U.L.) Exercise

Energy Hypertrophy Higher Decrease (P.H.U.L.) Train

Develop each power and measurement on this 4-day break up based mostly on elementary compound actions. Do bodybuilding and powerlifting, each, to be at your most interesting.

Exercise Abstract

Principal Purpose                        Construct Muscle

Exercise Sort                  Cut up

Coaching Degree Intermediate

Program Length 12 weeks

Days Per Week 4

Time Per Exercise   45-60 minutes

Tools Required Barbell, Dumbbells, Machines

Goal Gender Male & Feminine

Beneficial Dietary supplements     Whey Protein Powder, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate,    Pre-Exercise (elective)

Creator Brandon Campbell

Exercise PDF Obtain Exercise

Exercise Description

Energy Hypertrophy Higher Decrease (PHUL) Train

The PHUL train relies on the essential rules of power and measurement.  This 4-day program will provide help to get each these ends in a easy adjustable routine constructed off the next rules:

Frequency. Research have demonstrated that muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is raised for as much as 48 hours after exercising. That will make it nice so that you can hit every muscle extra usually than a regular break up as soon as per week. The PHUL program is meant to hit every muscle group twice in seven days.

Compounds. For optimum progress, the PHUL program focuses on the principle compound actions. Whereas isolation actions are additionally included on this program, the basic goal is to enhance efficiency on the principle lifts and pack on kilos of muscle.

Energy. To focus on pure power coaching, this program makes use of 2 of its 4 working days. Utilizing progressive overload and time below stress is the key to getting stronger and greater. These two days will show that you should use extra weight on the times of your hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy. Along with 2 energy days, the opposite two days on the PHUL program will think about hypertrophy (bodybuilding) fashion exercising. This manner, each your power and measurement, will improve.

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To study and make sure you get probably the most out of the PHUL Train Program, enroll beneath.

PHUL Notes:

1.    Units and Reps – When initially beginning this program, it’s endorsed to start with a decrease whole quantity till you get used to the workload.

2.    Failure – All units needs to be completed with at the least one rep “left within the tank.” This implies you need to battle to finish your heavier units, nevertheless, to not the purpose you can’t get your goal reps.

3.    Train Choice – The important compounds ought to stay unchanged; nevertheless, substitutions could also be made for comparable workouts if wanted.

4.    Stomach – Ab work could possibly be completed on off days or on the finish of the train.

PHUL Schedule:

Day 1: Higher PowerDay 2: LowerDay 3: Higher HypertrophyDay 4: Decrease HypertrophyDay 5: OffDay 6: Off

Day 1Upper Energy

ExerciseSetsRepsBarbell Bench Press3-43-5Incline Dumbbell Bench Press3-46-10Bent-Over Row3-43-5Lat Pull Down3-46-10Overhead Press2-35-8Barbell Curl2-36-10Skullcrusher2-36-10

Day 2Lower Energy

ExerciseSetsRepsSquat3-43-5Deadlift3-43-5Leg Press3-510-15Leg Curl3-46-10Calf Exercise46-10

Day 3Upper Hypertrophy

ExerciseSetsRepsIncline Barbell Bench Press3-48-12Flat Bench Dumbbell Flye3-48-12Seated Cable Row3-48-12One Arm Dumbbell Row3-48-12Dumbbell Lateral Raise3-48-12Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl3-48-12Cable Tricep Extension3-48-12

Day 4Lower HypertrophyExerciseSetsRepsFront Squat3-48-12Barbell Lunge3-48-12Leg Extension3-410-15Leg Curl3-410-15Seated Calf Raise3-48-12Calf Press3-48-12

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