Flavourful evening for food diary

The recently concluded 4th Best Cebu Blogs Awards has finally come to an end. It was a really memorable experience and quite a scary one, since it was our very first time to be nominated by an award-giving body. At the back of my mind, I was going to be competing with some of Cebu’s best bloggers, and that we’re the so-called noobs in this game. Aside from that, since our blog isn’t even a year old yet, it is not as popular as the others that roamed around the blogosphere for years!

There were 6 categories: Personal, Food, Photoblog, Travel, Technology and Fashion. Locally Made got nominated for the Personal category, and was named the 2nd Most Popular Blog of the year. Food Diary not only became the Top 1 Most Popular Blog, but also was recognized as the Best in the Food category. That was quite unexpected. Aside from the fact that we just started, we didn’t have that much Cebu-centered topics in our posts, which we thought was one of the criterias for judging. We didn’t quite expect for this victory, which is simply an icing on the cake. I feel so blessed for such an experience.

We thank BCBA and all its sponsors for the privilege, the experience and the early “Christmas” gifts. To all those who voted for us, we owe you. And above all, we thank God for without Him, we’re simply nothing.

To the participants for this year’s event, congratulations! See you next year, because we’ll surely be back for more!

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