Fun things to do in wine club

Due to the development of modern wine culture, wine clubs were organized to serve and praise wine lovers upon membership to this club. Being a member to these exclusive groups will benefit each member valued services such as wine delivery and newsletter on a monthly basis to name a few.  I tried to enlist more below to give you more reason regarding why being in a social club such as wine club in not only good but beneficial.
  • Premium service at the wine store.
  • Never get wrong with the wine you select.
  • Present the perfect kind of wine to a person depending on the occasion.
  • Complementary tasting.
  • Get wine of the month delivered to your door step regularly.
  • Have a consistent supply of your favorite wine.
  • VIP tours to winery for wine club members.
  • Worry free with the payment because it will be billed to you and can be automatically deducted from your credit card.
  • Club also sets great events to members to enjoy, meet and greet other members too.
  • Celebrate memorable occasion with other club members
One of the highly respected among these clubs is the Wine of the Month Club. This club claims the most sustained and oldest among club wines and this is based in the United States. It was founded by Paul Kalmkiarian in 1972, then ownership and management was passed on to his son Paul Kalmkiarian Jr. in 1989. The club being based in the United States sends door to door delivery of wines to its club members on a monthly, once in two months and even quarterly basis. Being a wine lover, you will get exclusive two kinds of wine on your set date of delivery, one would be a locally selected wine and the other will be an international type of wine. This is one of the best benefits that are not available for non members of the wine clubs. With this, you don’t need to go to the wine store to get a supply of which wine you like when you have no more stock for yourself.
One of the fun things being in this group is the exposure a member will get on different types of wines. The club ensures that all members get exposed to various ranges of wines such as grape varieties and many others along with important information about the wines too. Wines delivered each month is a result of evaluation of about 300 to 400 wines each month and only two will be picked and endorsed to club members.
Aside from this, the club can also offer other services such as made-to-order foods, wine as gifts, and also wine gift baskets.  Giving gifts from such club will ensure that the kind of wine to be given as a gift is of the best quality and highly recommended.
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