Joe Rogan’s Workout and Diet Plan

Joe Rogan’s Workout and Diet Plan

Joe Rogan’s Workout and Eating Regimen

Looking for Joe Rogan’s diet and workout plan? Warm Chef has your back. In this post, I’ll break down how Joe Rogan thinks about his diet and exercise, as well as what he focuses on.

Joe Rogan is more than a man with an exercise and diet plan; he’s also a fighter of mind and body the same. He’s the sort of fellow who, after getting done with a three-hour gym or yoga session, gets himself some whiskey and a fat bowl. Don’t think that you can simply walk into his shoes without going full length in terms of his everyday workout routine.

Rogan takes supplements along with his daily cardio and weightlifting. He also does cryotherapy, yoga, and sauna sessions all in one day. Not to forget, he’s also a great comedian, UFC commentator, and a brilliant podcaster. He’s occupied pretty much every hour of the day.

Given that Rogan has a hectic routine, one wonders if he has a workout and eating regimen, the answer is yes. However, he’s always ready to jump into something new. If you, too, hit the gym as hard as Rogan and do MM training, yoga and follow a strict keto diet, only then you can sometimes have a glass of whiskey or a smoke.

Everyone is interested in finding out Joe Rogan’s workout plan and eating regimen, so we have compiled his whole schedule for you.

Let’s get into it!

Joe Rogan’s Eating Regimen

If you’ve ever listened to Rogan’s podcast, then you’d know how philosophical and soulful he is about everything. His eating regimen and ripped body can testify that the man knows what he’s doing.

Above all else, he’s a big promoter of eating what you murder, consequently his regular chasing trips looking for wild elk or other game. Furthermore, he says that there’s nothing of the sort as a one-size-fits-all eating regimen plan, which means various individuals have various responses to multiple nourishments. In conclusion, he will, in general, consider the human body a machine or even a vehicle, which must stay in top condition if it will convey ideal outcomes.

Joe says, “I do everything to keep my car running. I’m frequently replacing my oil, I’m changing my sparkle fittings, and I’m ensuring that it’s working. Let’s be honest; it will not always be perfect; however, I realize that I’ve given a valiant effort to keep it working as well as it can.“

To keep that motor stable, Rogan limits his consumption of carbs and avoids sugar at all costs. He adheres basically to wild game meat (like delicious t-bone steak), vegetables, supplements, and probiotics. With an immense stake in Onnit Supplements, he pulls out all the stops on Alpha Brain, which supposedly improves things like concentration and memory. It may seem like a contrivance, but then again: have you seen what this man packs into a single day or even in just a single podcast?

balance diet

However, Joe Rogan’s eating regimen plan is just like keto, with unmistakably more space for experimentation. He also practices intermittent fasting. Rogan entirely skips his breakfast, for permitting his body to burn more fat stores.

Here’s a list that contains all the foods and drinks that Joe consumes:

Foods included in Joe’s meal plan:

•           Elk Meat – Joe’s eating regimen consists of a massive portion of lean meat. He goes hunting with his mates and brings back fresh lean meat. It’s low in fat, doesn’t contain steroids, and is packed with vitamin B-12. He fills his cooler loaded with the stuff and gives some out to companions and visitors. His Instagram feed basically wouldn’t be complete without it, nor would his whole way of thinking on a diet.

•           Jalapenos – If you have pictures of cut elk meat going through your mind, at that point, you’re additionally envisioning a gigantic heap of jalapenos.

•           Vegetables – He consumes a lot of vegetables, including kale or string beans.

•            Avocado – This food is proven to be full of nutrients, and Joe can’t have enough of it.

•           Kimchi – This is a Korean food containing zesty salted cabbage, which is very useful for your heart and overall well-being and may even reduce acidity. It’s also very delicious.

•           Supplements – Joe Rogan doesn’t only take vitamins but also probiotics, fish oil, omega 3 and 6, MCT oil, Glucosamine Chondroitin, creatine, spirulina, and chlorella, and Alpha Brain too. 

•           Eggs – Rogan does a lot of weight lifting, so when he isn’t fasting, he consumes some eggs for breakfast.

Beverages included in Joe’s meal plan:

•           Coffee – Rogan consumes coffee quite often. Being the experimentalist, he’s frequently observed drinking Four Sigmatic Coffee, which is sourced from mushrooms. He also likes to have Laird Superfood Turmeric Coffee.

•           Kombucha – This drink consists of probiotic that likewise conveys some essential supplements.

•           Coconut Water – Coconut water is Rogan’s go-to post-workout drink.

•           Kill Cliff – This is a recovery drink that he takes quite often.

•           Zevia – Which has no sugar or calories and is a sweet carbonated refreshment, probably not that healthy but certainly healthier than other fizzy drinks like Coke and Pepsi.

•           Whiskey – When he wants to get a drink, Rogan generally presents himself with some excellent whisky on ice.

Joe Rogan’s Workout Regimen

Joe Rogan, along with weightlifting, also does MMA training, cardio, and yoga every week. His recuperation strategies include cryotherapy and sauna training. Along with that, he also somehow manages time for meditation. Doesn’t it all sound exhausting?

Rogan once clarified on his podcast that he plans his workout every Sunday, including all the activities he’ll be doing throughout the week. Whatever the plans for the week, he gets it done.

Concerning force, Rogan embraces a good judgment approach.

Rather than pushing his body past a final turning point, he builds his strength and perseverance keenly and consistently. He came up with this methodology by seeing how normally tough individuals like farmers build up their muscles.

To sum up in Rogan’s own words:

“Rather than having one exercise at regular intervals where you blow your body out, have one exercise each day where you don’t blow your body out. Also, you’ll get strong faster.“

Here’s a weekly workout plan of Joe Rogan:


•           Joe Rogan lifts weights three times each week. He favors a high rep exercise instead of practicing to failure. To boost stamina, he utilizes the following tools:

•           Kettlebells

•           Battle ropes

•           Maces

•           Dumbbells



Rogan didn’t start paying attention to cardio until a couple of years back, rapidly making it part of his weekly exercise routine.

Regardless of whether going through Runyon gorge with his canine Marshall or performing different drills in the gymnasium, he keeps the blood streaming and the muscles nimble.

For the most part, he inclines toward outdoor jogging to indoor tools like the treadmill.


A significant advocate of both standard yoga and hot yoga, Joe Rogan practices it every week. He’s very anxious to tell the various advantages, which drop by the method of breathing exercises, stretches, and burdening stances.

MMA Training

Not exclusively is Rogan a loved MMA pundit, he’s an accomplished expert as well. The Taekwondo champion currently trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. To prepare, he competes with others and gets occupied with kickboxing on the punching sack, in addition to other things.

Therapeutic Measures


Rogan has tried all methods of recuperation. He’s particularly inclined towards sauna training, where he wrenches the dial as far as possible. When he wants to unwind or ponder, he heads into the isolation tank. He’s likewise taken a stab at everything, including cryotherapy. The final product is a 52-year-old person with the strength of somebody half his age.

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