The 7 biggest food festivals in the world

What complete fun to participate in a food fest, enjoy different culinary skills and revel in the cooking and relishing of great food! When you add plenty of entertainment and fun activities to the pot, it becomes one tasty stew you don’t want to miss. Here are the 7 biggest food festivals in the world; don’t forget to mark them in your calendar!

1. Taste Of Chicago
The most famous of them all is the world’s largest food festival, the Taste of Chicago. It’s held in Grant Park, Chicago, for 8 long, blissful days of foodism. Apart from food events, there’s also plenty of entertainment on offer. You can find the best local and national musical artists performing here, including well known names such as Kenny Rogers and Carlos Santana. Kids are not left out; there are plenty to rides to keep them happy, in between eating great food! This festival attracts people in the millions and over a hundred food vendors.

2. Maine Lobster Festival
The annual Maine Lobster Festival is held in Rockland, Maine to honor Maine’s chief export, the lobster. This 3-day festival is held on the first of August. It attracts many thousands from different parts of the world, who flock here to enjoy the food exhibitions, cookery events, entertainment, music performances, the crowning of Maine Sea Goddess and Neptune King, the lobster crate race and so on. During this festival, about 10 tens of fresh lobster and other delicious seafood are prepared.

3. The World Gourmet Summit
The festival is held in the month of April every year. Guests at this festival enjoy fabulous local gourmet preparations and enjoy premium wines from internationally acclaimed vintners. You’ll get to taste prize-winning wines such as L’Ermita from Alvaro Palacios, one of Spain’s most celebrated vintners. This particular wine is produced in small quantities and is sold immediately. Those with delicate palates and fine tastes flock here every year to enjoy creations by master-class chefs, master chef workshops and watching international celebrity chefs at work.

4. The Good Food and Wine Show
This festival is held in Cape Town in May, Durban in July and Johannesburg in November. Master Chefs whip up their creations in the nine Chef in Action Theaters, while guests sip specialty wines. Guests enjoy the Wine Walk, watch the National Classic Cocktail Championships and attend Natural and Organic Forum’s workshops on healthy eating. Experience South Africa’s coffee culture in the Coffee Theater, where various coffee baristas compete to win a place in the National Barista Championships.

5. Hokitika’s Wildfood Festival
New Zealand’s March Hokitika’s Wildfood Festival is a culinary adventure for those whose taste buds seek additional thrills. This festival began two years ago, owing to a fabulous home grown rose petal and gorse flower wines by Claire Bryant. The location for this festival couldn’t be more idyllic, surrounded as it is by glaciers, rainforest, rivers and wildlife. Here the adventurer in your palate will enjoy wild and weird delicacies such as wasp larvae ice cream and chocolate covered worms. This event has been awarded the Most Unique Event in New Zealand award.

6. Arcata Bay Oyster Festival
If you love oysters, then don’t miss the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival held in California in the month of June every year. Oysters are tasty, juicy, can be cooked in different ways and they boost male sexual libido! Want any more reasons to become an oyster fan? Arcata Bay is where over 70% of Californian oysters are cultivated. These delectable mollusks are prepared in many ways by local restaurateurs and master chefs, while maintaining an organic and sustainable method of cultivating and eating oysters.

7. Crave Sydney International Food Festival
A food festival that goes for a full month, starting October every year; how fabulous is that? Top master chefs and celebrity chefs from around the world flock to Sydney, Australia, to sample Australian cuisine and show what they can do. The World Chef Showcase is the best place for these chefs to come together and try out their master versions of Australian cuisine. It all comes together beautifully – fabulous weather, Sydney’s breathtaking landscape and great food, for an entire month!

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