The Ninja Professional: An Excellent Upgrade to Your Clunky Blender

The Ninja Professional: An Excellent Upgrade to Your Clunky Blender

As more people hop on the smoothie bandwagon, the blender wars have heated up and customers are no longer content with the low-quality versions usually found at big-box stores that cannot stand up even to the easiest jobs.

Furthermore, Amazon reviews will make sure to single out any contenders that make unpleasant gritty protein shakes or leave chunky pieces of ice in smoothies. Since we are using our blenders more than ever, we want them to do their job!

Thus, here is the review for the Ninja Professional, an excellent upgrade to your clunky blender.

The Ninja Professional 

The Ninja, with its combination of innovative design and sturdy construction aims to be an upgrade to the clunky blenders of the past.

So, if you are used to struggling with cheap box-store models that are difficult to clean, get pieces of food stuck in between their blades and that cannot seem to blend even the softest foods, then you will notice a huge difference with a Ninja.

Ninja promises to literally pulverize through large quantities of ice and frozen fruit with sharp stainless steel blades powered by a mighty 1100-watt motor that will ensure a smooth blend every time.

This newer model also comes with two super convenient Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids that are perfect for making single-serving smoothies, blending sauces and marinades and will make cleanup even more hassle free by eliminating the need to use the larger pitcher every time and allowing you to drink from the same cup in which you blended your smoothie.

If you are currently researching blenders you will notice plenty of reviews comparing Ninjas to Vitamix blenders that will make you question whether a Ninja will work fine for you or if you should just go ahead and shell out $400 for a fancy Vitamix.

But we believe that these comparisons are a a bit unfair as Vitamix is a professional kitchen gadget made with the needs of chefs and commercial establishments in mind, while the Ninja – although advertised with the word “professional” in the name – was designed mostly with morning smoothies and Sunday afternoon margaritas in mind.

While most people who upgrade to Vitamix never come back to a Ninja, the same can be said for people who upgrade to Ninjas from conventional blenders.

We like to think of the Ninja as a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive professional blenders and a powerful step up from classic kitchen models.

A quick look at the Ninja’s Basic SpecsNinja small to go cup blending3 Blending Speeds
Pulse Setting
Single Serve Option
1100-watt Motor3x Total Crushing Blades
1x Nutri Ninja Blades
72 oz Pitcher
2x 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cups
Dishwasher Safe
1 Year WarrantyNinja’s Highlights

Here are the features that set the Ninja apart from other run-of-the-mill blenders:

The Blades

The most important part about the Ninja is that it comes with two sets of super sharp and strong stainless steel blades: one Total Crushing system that will fit the large pitcher and a smaller single set of blades for the Nutri Ninja Cups. The Total Crushing blade features a set of three stacked blade sets that will easily cut through large amounts of ice and frozen fruit and ensure even blends, while the Nutri Ninja blades will fit the to-go cups are better suited for smaller portions.


A powerful 1100-watt motor that can stand up to tough jobs like crushing ice and blending frozen fruit.

Extra Large Carafe

Fits 72oz of liquids, making it one of the largest pitchers of any blender in the market. The large size makes it great for blending multiple servings of smoothies and perfect for entertaining and making large batches of drinks.

Single Serve Setting

Perfect for blending smaller, single-serving portions of smoothies and shakes with an easy and quick set-up.

Nutri Ninja Cups with To Go Lids

Easy and convenient: using the same cups for drinking as for blending will cut down on cleanup and make drinking your smoothies on the go or storing them in your fridge for later even easier.

Pitcher Lid

Features a locking system that prevents the blender from working without it. A small opening for pouring out liquids makes using easy and mess-free.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Makes cleanup quick, easy and thorough.

What users have to say about the ninja Professional


Excellent at crushing ice and frozen fruit Large pitcher allows for blending in bulk
Sturdy, no slip base prevents vibration and “walking”
Blade design moves ingredients around well enough that they don’t get stuck in between them and there is rarely a need to scrape the sides in order to mix everythingMakes smooth and frothy drinks
To-go cups reduce the amount of items to clean up and make using the blender even easier


Difficult to clean by hand because of the sharp blades, square design of the carafe and its large size


Blades will lose sharpness over time and the overall especially when you use it a lot for frozen fruit or ice

Not good for blending things in very small amounts

It doesn’t have a vent, so ingredients must be cooled off before being processed to avoid pressure-buildup

Replacement parts can be expensive

Which Foods is the Ninja good for?


Crushing Ice

Sauces and Marinades
Frozen Drinks

Nut Butters

Hot Ingredients

Blending Leafy Vegetables

Ninja 3

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The Ninja brings a myriad of improvements that are well worth the money for just a small price difference from other blenders.

While it is not a commercial-grade quality product, it is definitely a major improvement from big-box models.

Therefore, if what you are looking to do is up your smoothie and frozen drink game and have a machine that is capable of handling tougher jobs that a regular blender, you don’t need to shell out for a more expensive brand as the Ninja will work perfectly in your kitchen.

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